No Man’s Sky A Loved One’s Perspective

No Man’s Sky A Loved One’s Perspective

This futuristic game is set in space and allows the player to explore space, new planets and interact with other species. The game and its universe is ever expanding and the game is always evolving.

No Man’s Sky is owned and operated by HelloGames, but the creators are more down to Earth (pardon the pun). The basis for the game is rooted in one of the creator’s “Sean Murray” childhood memories while growing up in the Australian outback.

On his ranch, “ It was the true middle of nowhere, where if something went wrong you were told to just stay where you were and light a fire at an exact time every day, and hope that someone would find you.”

“The night sky was filled with more stars than you’ve ever seen, and we’ve all thought that this is exactly where videogames would go, videogames that contained the whole universe, and you’d be able to visit it all.”

“No Man’s Sky takes that jump – it’s the game we’ve always wanted to make.”

HelloGames is an independent company and the owners are very proud of what they have achieved and are happy to not have the restrictions that come with a large corporate conglomeration. Independence gives them the freedom to explore their creativity in ways that would not be possible otherwise.

HelloGames also boasts two other great video games, The Last Campfire and Joe Danger, (More about these games later) but the success of No Man’s Sky has enjoyed much greater success than the first two.

Some of the features of No Man’s Sky include an open universe that allows player to visit planets and stars seamlessly, discovering new lifeforms and geological formations and surviving dangers such as dark oceans and barren deserts on new planets. The game tests your knowledge of science and theory. The game provides information about each new planet you visit, helping players become familiar with the elements found in the periodic table. But beware some elements are fact and some are fiction.

The game has many tasks you can fulfill, exploration, learning survival techniques, combat scenarios, building commerce or building a base, either on a planet or on your own space freighter. You can choose to focus on one thing or dabble in all aspects of the game. You can also choose a more hard core level of playing to a more relaxed or creative level.

You can play solo or multi-player, it’s being constantly upgraded and it’s available on several different devices and platforms.

As a big fan of Sci Fi and space travel type shows this video game is very appealing. It’s hard to make a review simply based off of a spectator’s viewpoint. I find myself drawn to trying the game out.

As for the gamer in my life, this video game has been a positive experience and not once has there been a shouting match or extreme outburst of anger over any aspect of the game. I give this one a 5-star rating on the chill scale!




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